“An Alternative to Jesus?”

Mark 5:1-20


This is an occasion of Jesus and His disciples facing an improbable situation --demon possession of a man who lived in the cemetery. The word “begged” is used four times in this passage. Each occurrence is significant and allows insights about people then and today.


I. Verse 10    He begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of      the area.”

   The “beggar”—the _DEMON_- _POSSESSED_ man


   The reason—accustomed to his _LIFESTYLE_ with them


   The application:

If _CHRIST_ comes in, something else will have to go.


II. Verse 12   “The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow      us to go into them.”

   The “beggar”—the _DEMONS_


   The reason—a better _A BETTER IDEA_


   The application:

   People make wrong _CHOICES_ that have bad endings.

   Alternatives to _COMING TO JESUS_ are equally dangerous.


III. Verse 17   “Then the people began to plead with (beg) Jesus to leave      their region.”

   The “beggar”— _LOCAL_ _RESIDENTS_


   The reason—fear of _COST_


   The application:

   Change in people’s _CONDITION_ will cost them something.


IV. Verse 18   “ . . . the man who had been demon-possessed begged to      go with him.”

   The “beggar”—the _HEALED_ _MAN_


   The reason—

      Fear of return to _PREVIOUS_ _CONDITION_?

   Desire to stay in the _PRESENCE_ of Jesus?


   The application:

   When Jesus _CHANGES_ people, He also _ENABLES_ them.

   Assignment--tell people what Jesus _HAS DONE FOR YOU_.



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